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DHS STATcompiler (USAID)

Can be used to compile data from national household surveys by country, variable & year.


Data & Information Services Center (DISC) (UW-Madison)

Provides access to selected census and population data.


Health, Nutrition and Population Database (World Bank)

Data on health, nutrition and population indicators from national and international data sources. The database provides direct access to more than 100 indicators, with time series for countries and country groups from 1960 to the most recent year, where data are available.

(To access data click "Data Query System" in left menu bar)


Office of Population Research Data Archive (Princeton University)

Access to census and population data for selected countries.


International Database (U.S. Census Bureau)

  • Population by Age and Gender

  • Vital Rates, Infant Mortality, and Life Expectancy

  • Fertility

  • Marital Status

  • Family Planning

  • Selected Data 1950-present, Projected Demographic Data to 2050

  • 228 Countries and Areas

  • National Population, Selected Data by Urban/Rural, by Age and by Gender


UN Population Database (UN)

  • Population, by Five-Year Age Group, Gender

  • Population Gender Ratio (males per 100 females)

  • Median Age

  • Population Growth Per Year

  • Crude Birth Rate

  • Crude Death Rate

  • Net Reproduction Rate

  • Total Fertility Rate

  • Life Expectancy at Birth by Gender

  • Net Migration Rate

  • Sex ratio at birth

  • Births

  • Births by Age-group of Mother

  • Age-specific Fertility Rates

  • Women Aged 15-49

  • Deaths by Gender

  • Infant Mortality

  • Mortality Under Age 5

  • Dependency Ratios

  • Population by Age: 0-4, 0-14, 5-14, 15-24, 15-59, 15-64, 60+, 65+ & 80+








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